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We supply coconut from Indonesia, primarily from coconut plantations which are distributed over numerous eastern islands.

At the beginnng, we collaborated in manufacturing where we processed coconut derivative products, namely from coconut fiber into coco fiber and coco peat together with coconut shells to generate charcoal briquettes. We are then expanded into coconut plantations, to process more derivative products.

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Our Product

Cocopeat Block

In farming, not only land that can be relied on as a planting medium. There are other growing media; cocopeat is one of them and is considered as an ideal growing medium. Cocopeat is easy to absorb and store water. The cocopeat powder is filtered, cleaned, dried and finally compressed into blocks. Cocopeat blocks can be used for a variety of planting needs.

Coconut Briquette Charcoal

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes are coconut shell charcoal that is processed and molded using natural binders. The charcoal briquettes can be used as a fuel. The heat of the charcoal briquettes are more long lasting than traditional charcoal and the briquettes are not stinky. This product is highly recommended for household needs and can be used for cooking in restaurants, shisha, grills and many other uses.

Coconut Fiber

Coconut coir is a natural fiber produced from coconut husks and used in products such as ropes, brooms, and mattresses. Coconut coir is the fibrous material found between the outside of the coconut. Another use of desiccated coconut husk is as a coating material and horticulture. White coir is harvested from raw coconuts, used to make fine brushes, ropes and fishing nets

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Our commitment is continuing to provide the best to our customers and our investors at all times. Our opportunity to serve should be viewed as a privilege and should not be taken for granted.


Innovation means creating, designing, developing products and services that have high attractiveness in the market and improve customer preferences for coco golden indo projects

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Was founded on the awareness of the high potential of natural resources around us, 

and the desire to contribute to the welfare of farmers.

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